Pilot Requirements

All regular members must hold a student pilot certificate or better along with a current medical (or provide copies of the appropriate BasicMed documentation).  Members must meet the club’s and the insurer’s minimum experience requirements, and they must receive a check-out and/or endorsement by a club-approved flight instructor for each club-owned aircraft they wish to fly.

In order for a member to act as PIC in any Bakalar Flying Club aircraft (per FAA rules, club rules and/or insurance requirements), the member must:

  1. Possess a current student, private, commercial or airline transport pilot certificate,
  2. Hold a current third class (or higher) medical certificate, or provide appropriate BasicMed documentation,
  3. Satisfy the FAA’s flight review requirements per FAR §61.56.
  4. Have previously received an initial check-out and endorsement from a club-approved, certificated flight instructor in the aircraft to be flown as PIC.