Memberships Are Now Available

We have purchased a 2nd aircraft and have immediate opening for new members.  CONTACT US if you are interested in joining.

Types of Memberships

Regular Members – Regular Members enjoy all the benefits of Bakalar Flying Club. While having full access to our aircraft, facilities and social events you can enjoy aviation in its fullest capacity.

Associate Members – Associate membership is a great way to share your membership in Bakalar Flying Club with your immediate family members. Associate members have reduced dues and are not subject to an additional membership deposit while have full access to our aircraft.

Social Members – Not ready to join the Club yet? Perhaps you own your own aircraft but still want to enjoy the Club activities. We invite you to become a Social Member and share in the experience of our flying community.


Tired of paying high aircraft rental rates?  As a non-profit corporation, nobody is filling their wallet with your money.

Struggling to find a time slot at your local FBO?  With limited membership we maintain good aircraft availability for everyone.

Tired of the high maintenance costs of your own aircraft?  Sharing the costs among a large group makes it more affordable.

We have developed a cost structure that allows us to maintain our aircraft at the highest levels, while keeping the usage rates as low as possible.  Visit our COST INFORMATION page for the details.