How do I join Bakalar Flying Club?

We always recommend visiting us and meeting with a board member prior to joining the club.  When you’re ready to join just download the membership kit and follow the instructions.  If you still have questions feel free to CONTACT US.

Does Bakalar Flying Club have a membership “Waiting List”?

Yes!  When the membership is “full” and there are no memberships for sale, those interested in joining Bakalar Flying Club can be placed on a first-come first-served waiting list.

A “training” waiting list is also maintained for prospective members that will require primary flight training. Student pilot levels are limited to ensure adequate availability of flight instructors and good aircraft availability for the entire membership population.

Is there a cost associated with the waiting list?

Yes. The waiting list fee helps the club gauge the seriousness of interest in the club, and thereby gives us more accurate information to provide to our existing members looking to sell their membership, and to prospective members interested in buying a membership. While no one can predict when or how many memberships might sell in a given period, knowing how many seriously interested parties there are on the waiting list is useful information.

Prospective members may deposit the equivalent of one month’s membership dues in order to be placed on the waiting list. Pilots on the waiting list will be offered the opportunity to purchase the next membership available and will be contacted in the order that they were placed on the waiting list. If and when the pilot purchases a membership, the waiting list fee is applied to the member’s account as a credit.

To be placed on the waiting list, simply fill out the WAITING LIST FORM. A club officer will contact you and our treasurer will send you and invoice for the waiting list fee.  You will be placed on the list when your payment is received.

The waiting list fee applies to both the standard waiting list and the training waiting list.

Is the waiting list fee refundable?

Yes and no. When the pilot joins Bakalar Flying Club the waiting list fee is applied to their account as a credit, so it is “refunded” upon joining the club. If a pilot’s application for membership is rejected by the club, then their waiting list fee is refunded. Beyond these conditions, requests for refunds of the waiting list fee are reviewed by the board on a case-by-case basis. Pilots should only join the waiting list if they are fully intending to purchase a membership when it is offered.

What type of aircraft does the club have?

We own a Cessna 172K with a 180HP upgrade and Piper Cherokee.  Both planes are IFR certified and hangared at Columbus Municipal airport.  The planes are available for use 24/7 and available for overnight use. Check out our AIRCRAFT page for the details.

I’m not a pilot yet, can I still join?

Yes, we welcome student pilots as well as seasoned veterans. Recognizing that joining the club represents a sizable investment, we recommend that students with zero time seek a few hours of instruction before joining to ensure this is a journey they want to pursue.

Does Bakalar Flying Club offer flight instruction?

As a member and share owner in the club you are free to use our planes for any type of flight instruction.  However, we are not a flight school and do not employ flight instructors.  We do have a number of independent instructors who we can connect you with for your flight training needs.

How am I Charged for Aircraft Usage?

We charge our members for use of the aircraft based on the “tach” time. Aircraft usage charges are “wet” so the cost of fuel is included in the rates. Members track their time in the aircraft log book and use the club credit card to purchase fuel. Our treasurer prepares monthly invoices for dues, aircraft usage and any excess fuel charges and sends them to each member at the end of each month.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

Invoices are required to be paid in full by the 25th of each month. We prefer online payments through our Quickbooks system, which is free of charge. We also accept checks or cash.

How Are the Aircraft Scheduled?

We use an online reservation system from  All members must schedule their time in the system prior to use of the plane.

Do I Need My Own Insurance?

The club maintains an insurance policy that covers all members while they are flying the club plane.  We do not require any extra insurance, however you are able to do that if you choose.

How Do I Sell My Membership

There are two ways you can sell a membership. You can identify a potential member on your own, without the assistance of the membership officer, or you can list your membership for sale with the club. If you decide to sell your membership on your own, you may set the price. Memberships placed for sale with the club will be sold at the current membership deposit rate.

All buyers must be vetted prior to acceptance into the club and they must agree to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws and rules. All membership purchases must be transacted through the club’s treasurer.