Cost of Membership

Membership costs are set to ensure the long term financial success of the club while providing a very cost effective flying opportunities. You can fly with Bakalar Flying Club for a fraction of the cost of owning your own plane, while enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow club members. Additionally, our Associate Member program allows other members of your immediate family to share the club benefits.

Membership Deposit

Every regular member is an equal share own in the club and it’s assets. The membership deposit provides the capital to fund the club’s major purchases such as aircraft or expensive avionics upgrades. Should you decide to leave the club you can sell your share to anyone you choose, provided they are approved by the club. Our membership deposit is currently set at $3,000.

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues are assessed to cover the fixed costs of operating the club. These expenses include things like hangar rental, avionics software subscriptions, insurance premiums, etc. Excess funds collected from membership dues can be used for club outings, equipment purchases, or other items that are requested by the members. Monthly dues are currently $110.

Aircraft Usage

Hourly aircraft rates are set to cover fuel costs, planned and unplanned maintenance, and long term events such as engine and propeller overhauls. The usage rates are “wet tach time” so they may fluctuate slightly month to month as fuel costs vary. Discounted rates are available for members that perform extra duties to support the club. An example could be helping with a website, organizing an event, or tackling that nasty oil covered belly on the plane.